Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harvest Soup

By Emily and Anne Evans

This is a soup that we made up one day and it turned out pretty good. But of course we didn’t measure anything.

3 celery sticks with leaves
3 peeled carrots
1 cup barley (cooked according to bag)
1 garlic cloves
A couple of potatoes
8 oz beef stake (we use the cheep kind which was good) cut into cubes when slightly frozen
Brown gravy mix (we have a big bottle from sam’s club, but could use a package)

I have a pot in the back with oil in it and a skillet with oil in it. I cut the onion and garlic up. Put a little in each pot and skillet. Cut up celery and carrots and cook in pot. Also be cooking barley right now.

Brown cut steak in skillet. Peel potatoes and cut them up. Put into the back pot with water. Then put the barley and steak into pot. Mix in gravy to thicken soup. I of course added too much and used V-8 to thin soup. Season to your liken.

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