Monday, July 11, 2011

Tower of Pieces

This is a humorous post more than a recipe.  Last Saturday afternoon, my husband and 4 year old daughter surprised me with a specially made "snack."  I was greeted with the following:
"Madame, we would like to serve you a special snack.  May we tell you about it?  This is the Tower of Pieces served with a side of apple for your dining pleasure."
The recipe is as follows:
Stack 3 or 4 chocolate covered pretzels on a plate, add Reese's Pieces to the holes in the pretzels
Cut a banana in half and divide
Stand banana pieces around pretzels and top each slice with an additional Reese's Pieces
Slice apple, set to side of tower

I just love that this cooking blog is rubbing off!  They even took their own picture.

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